Are a 5 piece band playing hard driving Bluegrass and American Old-Time music with an emphasis on strong vocal harmonies.

The band was formed in 2010 and the current line up is:

Mick Franks 5 string Banjo (Mick is an experienced musician who plays a left handed Gibson Mastertone Banjo).
Lindsey Cole Double Bass and Vocals (Lindsey has been Singing and playing the Bass for 8 years and as well as her Bluegrass activities is also a Professional Artist)
Richard Filleul Guitar and Vocals ( Richard is an experienced Bluegrass Guitarist and Singer who . has also played with the Bluegrass band ‘Steamboat’ ).
Pete Minkey Mandolin and Vocals ( Pete is an experienced gigging musician who has played and . recorded in other genres including Rock, Celtic and Jazz ).
Tim Hextall Fiddle (Tim is an experienced Fiddle player in the American Old-Time tradition who has recently added Bluegrass to his Bow)

We are available for Clubs, Functions and Festivals.
(phone Pete Minkey on 01425 489376 for details).


The band was formed in late 2009 as a result of a number of informal jam sessions playing American Old-Time and Bluegrass music. The Founder members were lifelong Bluegrass singer/guitarist Richard Thrift, Bluegrass Banjo player Charlie Cole, Mandolin player and singer Pete Minkey and his partner and Charlie's sister Lindsey Cole who sings and plays Double Bass. Not long after deciding to form a band to play the music they all loved, Weymouth based Bluegrass Fiddle player Nigel Canter was asked to join and duly accepted.

Bluegrass music has derived from the music carried across from Britain and Ireland by settlers into the old colonies around the Appalachian Mountains, principally Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. This old mountain music was also infused with Gospel and the Blues from Black musicians and Church choirs and the songs have a multitude of themes ranging from Religion, Death, Love, Moonshine, Railways, Convicts, The American Civil War, and the generally Harsh Life of the early American Pioneers. There is also a huge instrumental tradition of Fiddle and Banjo tunes used for both dance music and for listening entertainment.

In the 1940's all of these influences were pulled together by Singer and Mandolin player Bill Monroe from Kentucky who along with legendary Banjo player Earl Scruggs and Guitarist/Singer Lester Flatt formed 'The Bluegrass Boys' who went on to lay the foundations of this new genre of music. This music typically uses fast tempo's and instrumental improvisation along with 3 part harmony singing.

The Current line-up of The BOW-LEGGED SKEETER has seen the replacement of Richard Thrift with Guitar flat picker and Singer Richard Filleul who like the other original members is dedicated to replicating and performing this enchanting and unique style of music.

Since forming the band has played and is booked for Clubs, Concerts and Festivals across Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Suffolk, Wiltshire and Cornwall.

Contact details:
O Pete Minkey
O Telephone: 01425 489376
O E-mail:
O Web:
t: 01425 489376

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